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"Mothership" by Sayonara recorded in August in Dallas, Texas by Bryan David. This is an early rough-mix by KK at Couderay Music, in time to wish the delightful Debbie Pucek a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Sept. 4)!!!

The Sayonara debut, "It’s Nothing Personal", is in-production and will have this one on it.

Follow the band’s progress report at Bandcamp.

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Sayonara is in production in the studio. We have two songs getting primped for release as singles and two more as stripped-back, acoustic numbers for a podcast on my music show, The Pad.

It won’t be long before their material starts to surface. You can listen to their home demo of Kidnapped, which I beefed up a little for them, at my Lilypad page here.

Visit the band on their Facebook page here and get tweeting with them here.

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